January 15, 2012
Asked about the challenge of facing the Edmonton Oilers, who are 2-11-1 in their last 14 games, Sutter said, “Ever try to pull an arrow out of a wounded bear?”

February 3, 2012
(on struggling with breakout passes…)
“First period, it’s tough to make the first pass when your friggin’ (butt) is up in the air, from getting knocked on it. After that, we were fine.’’ 

February 11, 2012
"Nobody died. It's a hardworking point for our team." 

February 14, 2012
Question: What’s the scenario for Penner right now? What’s the message or what do you need to see?
Darryl Sutter: “Work your ass off. Then you get a chance to play again. If you don’t, you don’t. It’s pretty clear.”
Question: Is he back to square one as far as that’s concerned?
Darryl Sutter: “I think when you’re told to work your ass off, that IS square one.”

March 3, 2012
(on the road trip…)
SUTTER: “It’s just the next game. Tonight is over, and we move. It’s like the sign at the airport. Park and ride.’’

(on starting the trip in Nashville…)
SUTTER: “It’s a tough place to play. They haven’t lost at home since Christ was a child.’’

March 16, 2012
On Dustin Brown's style of play...
"I've said it over and over, he's got to be a north-south player. He's got to have magnets in his pants that reflect blue paint." 

March 22, 2012
(on whether the Kings and Blues are similar teams…)SUTTER: “Not really. They’re in first place.’’ 

April 2, 2012
(on whether there is a better goalie than Quick…)SUTTER: “You have to have 40 wins. The guys who have 40 wins are the best goalies. The next part is, you do it from the second week in April. Just like the horse the first Saturday in May.’’ 

April 5, 2012
(on the Doughty-Thornton fight…)SUTTER: “It was retaliation-retaliation, and away they go. Why not?’’ 

April 7, 2012
(on the Kings’ play…)SUTTER: “I think, once they announced it the other night, our team was satisfied with being a playoff team. So now, my responsibility is to make sure they’re not (still) satisfied.’’

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