Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who's On The Boat?

The Kings Fan Cruise sets sail tomorrow -- without The Queen on board.

I've debated on doing this trip the last couple of seasons, but I've always felt this is one of those fan experiences that can never measure up to my expectations for one simple reason -- "Players subject to change."

Every year this cruise gets announced headlining popular Kings players that will be attending. So while some people probably enjoy a good booze cruise to Mexico for the sole purpose of communing with their fellow Kings fans, let's be honest -- most of you are going hoping to hang out with your favorite player.

Last year, the fan cruise was supposed to feature Matt Greene and Jarret Stoll, neither of whom actually made it on the boat. Matt Greene had off-season shoulder surgery and we all know Stolly doesn't roll without Greener, so all the ladies secretly hoping to be the next "Jarret Stoll's ex-girlfriend" got their hearts terribly broken AND they lost their money on the trip. At least there is plenty of booze on these boats to ease your pain, and you can always cuddle up with Bailey.

This year the cast of characters announced included Drew Doughty, Wayne Simmonds and Trevor Lewis. I'm gonna go out on limb here and say Lewis is the only one to make the trip. Simmonds is obviously out due to trade, and I doubt Mike Richards plans on subbing in for him (although THAT would be epic!). Doughty is mired in a contract negotiation, and I would hope the Kings would spare him being subjected to a constant stream of "Why won't you sign a contract, Drew?" questions at the autograph table. So I'm guessing Trevor is going to be holding down the party, probably with some help from a previously unannounced player. Maybe Alec Martinez digs boats?

If you're heading out on the cruise, Kings Court would love to hear all about your experience. Perhaps The Queen can be persuaded to participate next year. And if Drew does make the trip, be nice and don't bug him about the contract. Just try to have a little fun.


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