Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pre-Game Rituals

Much has been written about athletes and their pre-game rituals.  For hockey players, it's everything from eating the same meal to napping to putting on your gear left to right, or vice versa.  As a fan, I have my own pre-game routines.  Now that the home opener is finally here, it's time to get back into the groove!

Today is a little different for two reasons.  It's the home opener, so there are special events going on before the game I want to be involved in.  And this year, I actually had the sense to take the day off from work so I could really enjoy the whole game experience. 

But I do have a "normal" pre-game routine I follow for the rest of the home games during the season.  Here's a look inside what it takes to get The Queen game ready!

Night before the game
Yes, I actually start the evening before.  Planning in crucial to a successful game day, and I've learned through hard experience that tons of stress can be avoided on game with a little pre-emptive strike.
  • Plan game outfit. (Which jersey is the team wearing? Is it clean?  Is everything that goes WITH the rest of the outfit clean?)
  • Do laundry if required by findings of bullet point one.
  • Put ticket in wallet.
  • Manicure.

Purple? Check! Sparkly? Check!

Day of the game
  • Check pre-game news and reports on-line during breakfast.
  • Post anything noteworthy to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Make notes of things to watch for post-game blog.
  • Get dressed for work.  Game day outfit MUST include purple or black.  No exceptions.
  • Work
  • Leave work by 4 PM.
  • Arrive home, check on-line sites again for any critical pre-game news (injuries, line changes, etc.).
  • Pre-game 30 minute power nap.
  • Dress and perfect purple eye make-up.  Make sure all appropriate game day accessories are included with outfit.  
I have lots of Kings jewelry, but this is the critical piece.                                                                                                                

  • Double check wallet for ticket.
  • Stop for pre-game Starbucks on walk to Staples Center.
  • Check Kings Care booth and LA Team store for must have apparel and collectible items.
  • Stake out good photography spot for warm-up skate.

And of course, the most important step....chant GO KINGS GO!

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  1. 2 things. 1 I still have your be-jeweled jersey from FF and 2. i'm excited to see you because i haven't seen you in a week and a half.