Monday, December 6, 2010

Make My Monday: Holiday Cheer Edition

The holidays are fast approaching, and if you're like me, a special breed of insanity takes over your life.  You're happy to be buying awesome gifts for people, you love decorating, baking holiday goodies is a blast -- but it's all work!  So you need a reality check every now and then.  Laughs always work for me, especially when they're hockey related!

If you know about "Make My Day Monday," you know Dustin Brown is the KING of do-gooders in this department.  He always posts his MMDM's on Twitter, and I always feel good reading them.  Sometimes he makes you laugh as well, like this Monday's installment....

Apparently the tally of broken ornaments was ONLY 4!  Pretty good considering Brownie's little ones are both boys and their Dad crushes big dudes for a living.

On the gift front, I've been dealing with too much mailbox traffic from the catalog fairy lately, but I did get a NHL gift flyer with some interesting ideas.  I'm thinking one of my dear friends needs THIS for Christmas....

Yeah, maybe not.

For me, nothing beats a Drew Doughty tapestry throw!  Who better than your favorite defenceman to keep your feet warm while you're watching hockey and drinking a toasty beverage?

Whatever your gift choices this holiday, make it Kings-themed and you're GUARANTEED to make someones Monday!  And it's more fun than lifting Christmas trees....just ask Brownie.


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