Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kings vs Flames: We're En Fuego!

After an abysmal November, the Kings have finally caught fire and have a solid win streak going with their third victory tonight against the Calgary Flames.   The Flames have been one of those teams that give the Kings problems no matter where they sit in the standings, so this win was another important test of the Kings mettle.  They passed with flying colors, folks.

Some observations and notable moments:
  • Kyle Clifford FINALLY broke it open and scored his first NHL goal!  The joy on his face was unforgettable, and the whole team smiled right along with him. It will be at least a week before we wipes it off.
  • Later in the first period, Cliffy dropped the gloves and went rounds with Flames enforcer Tim Jackman.  Sadly, a Gordie Howe Hat Trick was not to be, but it was fun watching the kid scrap with a dude at least a head taller!  Hats off to Jackman for being classy with the scrap and giving Cliffy a night to remember.
  • Yesterday was Drew Doughty's 21st birthday, so signs were in order.
Nice try, honey...

Let The Queen show you how a REAL sign is done.....
  •  Some of the Flames were kind enough to have a polite little chat with Dewey and wish him well on his big day.

Stajan: "Hey, congrats on the big day, man.  Beers on me."
  • Rene Bourque is NOT one of the polite ones.  When he next returns to Staples Center, The Queen will be borrowing a goalie stick from Quick and be ready to spear him right in the nads as payback for his mean and completely uncalled for treatment of her favorite defenceman.  You shamed your family name tonight, Rene.  And payback is a b***h...just ask Bobby Ryan.
  • The only bad thing about the December is the return of the tacky silver Ice Girl Santas.  There's just no reason for this kind of humiliation, is there?

The Kings end their current home stand Saturday against the Minnesota Wild, which will include the return of one of The Queen's beloved former Kings.   Does Santa have one last win for us before our pre-Christmas roadie?  Be at Staples Center to find out.


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