Monday, March 7, 2011

Kings vs Stars: Shooting Ourselves In The Foot

If one thing is consistent about the Kings, it's that nothing comes easy for us.  Either that or we make things hard on ourselves.   Right at the moment I'm more inclined to believe the latter, and I really hope I get proven wrong.  The sooner, the better.

Why boys?  Why do you do this to us?

We started the night 1 point behind the 7th place Stars in the Western Conference standings. You don't have to be a math major to figure out the play-off implications there. 

Rumors flew prior to the trade deadline about the possibility of Stars Captain Brad Richards becoming a King, which of course didn't happen.  Now he has a concussion and wasn't even in the Stars line-up, so maybe we dodged a bullet.   I personally had designs on former Stars left winger James Neal, who ended up in a Penguins uniform.

The sad part is that even without those two big names in their line-up. the Stars shone brighter than the Kings in this contest.   Even though the Kings scored first AND held a lead going into the third period, we came out flat in the last 20 minutes, gave up a short-handed goal and put the momentum squarely in the Stars favor.  It took less then a minute for them to finish us in over time.

Why can't we put this many pucks on net DURING a game?
We're still in 8th place, but we're running out of chances.

The Queen's quick hits:
  • I had a blast during warm-ups dissecting all the Kings problems with Bobby Scribe.   We don't always agree, but I love a good hockey debate and he's always prepared.   He also mentioned he and Surly are looking for someone to be the "&" jersey in their line-up.  If you're interested, drop him a line!  And if you're not already checking out his blog on a regular basis, you're losing out.  Don't make me smack you silly.
  • Drew Doughty had a terrible giveaway early in the third.  Did it cost us the game?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Bottom line - it's a mistake.  He's human.  Moving right along....
You looking at me?
  • Matt Greene has become a penalty magnet the last few games. Our PK is still performing well, but let's not push it, Greener.
At least you took another guy to the box with you this time...
  • Justin Williams' goal was a study in tenacity.   He fought for TWO rebounds off his initial shot before he buried it, and he never gave up.  Good things happen when you shoot AND follow up.
"Get to the net. Get to the net. Get to the net..."
  • I will never get tired of Kyle Clifford's goal face.  It's like watching a five year old kid score his first goal every time he gets one.  So cute!

Of course the "Thousand Yard Stare" is a great look too.
  • And last but not least, my seat buddy and I got to try out a new spot last night.  We got a great view of the Kings bench AND 5 seconds of fame in the process.

So now the Kings get a break from Staples Center and hit the road for important four games - Detroit, Columbus, Dallas, and Nashville.   Not to be overly dramatic, but this could be the turning point in our season, folks.   Time to put up or shut up.


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  1. One would think with 42 years of failure, Kings fans would temper their enthusiasm. Evidently, they are not the smartest bunch.