Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kings Court Comes to YouTube!

If you've been following Kings Court on Facebook for a while, you know The Queen likes posting video from practices, games and Kings special events. While I love giving those great "exclusives" to all you loyal members of The Court, it seems a shame not to share our riches with all those other Kings fans that haven't discovered us yet, right? Right!

So without further ado, The Queen presents the Kings Court YouTube Channel!

Kings Court YouTube Channel

All the video content you were getting on Facebook will now be posted here. I'll still be linking the videos to the Kings Court Facebook wall, but having them permanently stored in YouTube accomplished a couple of things.
  • Easier searching for your favorite videos
  • Easier sharing with your buddies that don't love Facebook as much as you do
  • A more rested Queen (because frankly, the Facebook video uploader takes FOREVER and the YouTube uploading process is much more efficient!)
Here's a little content preview and possibly my favorite moment from Hockey Fest. Who wouldn't want to be serenaded by Kevin Westgarth on their birthday!

Check out the new channel, and I would LOVE your feedback on what you'd like to see, how it can be better, etc. And as always, thanks for your support of Kings Court!


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