Monday, November 28, 2011

Kings vs. Sharks: Sanity and Fighting Spirit Return

Today was an interesting day around the NHL. Two coaches got fired, but in spite of protestations from many Kings fans, Terry Murray wasn't one of them.

My last game review talked about the insanity of doing the same things over and over expecting a different result. Tonight some sanity returned to the Kings. The patented TM Line Blender came out. Pre-game warm-up routines and on-ice entrances changed. I even changed MY game routine and skipped my Wetzel's butter and salt pretzel. Lo and behold, the Kings looked better!

In truth, none of those things were really the difference maker in tonight's game. The difference was WORK. HARD WORK. Play like the Kings got from Dustin Brown and Slava Voynov on the disallowed goal was the difference. That grind it out and battle for every puck attitude -- that level of "compete" as Coach Murray calls it -- was the difference. If the Kings can bring that attitude every night, this team will continue to win games.
  •  Jonathan Quick deserves the most enormous kudos possible! He was INCREDIBLE tonight and more than earned his #1 Star of the Night, appearing in his 200th NHL game and earning his 4th shut out of the season. He is our honey badger.

  •  Ethan Moreau took a major step towards redeeming himself by scoring the first goal of the game and his first as a King tonight. He even did it unassisted. I'm still not sold, but you have my attention. Keep this kind of play up and all will be forgiven -- eventually.
  • The Kings left the castle doors closed tonight and came out from the bench. Coincidence that we won after changing up the entrance? Maybe, maybe not. I'll be interested to see what they do at the next game.

  • A vocal group called Committed sang the National Anthem in six part harmony. It was a nice change of pace from our normally bombastic anthem signers. No offense to Davis Gaines, but I was desperately in need of a musical palette cleanser.
  • Mikael Handzus was scratched from Sharks the lineup, which was sad and happy at the same time. Even though the Kings not re-signing him after last season was a forgone conclusion, he brought smarts and skill to Terry Murray's defense first system. I wasn't looking forward to playing against him.
  • I know some of you folks like to chant the opposing team goalie's name to get them rattled. But starting that chant in the first period when we're only leading by ONE GOAL is asking for trouble. Stop already.
Chanting with Cartman is OK, though.
  • Sometimes zebras really ARE blind. Even I saw that too many men penalty coming. I guess all the Kings players are still remembering which line they're on.
  • Terry Murray lives to fight another day.
Make no mistake about it, the Kings still have a lot of work to do. They still took too many penalties tonight. The power play still isn't powerful enough. And this was just one win, but it was an important one. Now we prepare to get another one Thursday against the Florida Panthers.



  1. I've tried to post 3 tmes but I'm getting screwed! :-)

    Great blog Meg! It took me awhile to figure out this blog thingy but I'm getting the hang of it.

    I agree that Murray lives to fight another day. In fact I think he will live to fight the whole season! DL will not get rid of him as long as we win one, lose one, etc. Out of all the coaches on the chopping block, Murray seems to be in last place. We just need to pick it up as players and be patient as fans.

    sucks, but there you go. :-)

  2. Fair enough. I'm not a Terry Murray hater by any means, but when the team adds talent and doesn't progress, I think you have to look at coaching as a factor. But no doubt at all that the players ALL need to step up. Except Quick, that is. Thanks for your comment!