Monday, May 21, 2012

WCF Game 4: What Went Wrong?

When the Kings came crashing back down to playoff Earth yesterday, I spent the walk home mulling over what had happened. Game 4 of the Western Conference final was probably the worst played game of the last eight, which proves just how high the bar has been raised for this team. They were far from terrible yesterday. They didn't seem to have quite as much jump in their step, passes just didn't connect as well -- everything was THERE but just a step off. In a playoff series with this much at stake and a desperate team as our opponent, that step, that second of hesitation is the difference between winning and losing.

But this post-season has been so magical for the Kings, such a sensible explanation for the 2-0 shut out loss just didn't seem to make sense in my frustrated brain. There HAD to be some crazy X-Factor, some rip in the space time continuum that ruined the Kings perfect plan for playoff domination. After rubbing the brain cells I had left together, I thought of a few reasons the Kings lost. They're all irrational reasons, but they all make me feel better than simply acknowledging the Coyotes played better.

  • It's Gary Bettman's fault. Isn't everything that's wrong in the NHL Bettman's fault?
  • One of these guys is to blame. I think we all know which one.
Hint: It's NOT the guy standing up.
  • Bikes. Way to many bikes.

  • I got kicked out of my regular warm up photography spot. Dustin Brown was confused and spent the rest of the game looking for me, worried I'd abandoned the team.
Um, who are you people and where is the regular crew?
  • Then again, Bailey is probably right. The Universe is to blame!

The good news is the Kings are still solidly in charge of this series and we've been here before -- in Round 1 against Vancouver. That turned out pretty well so I'm choosing to believe this will too. ON TO GAME 5!


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