Saturday, June 9, 2012

Capturing History In The Faces Of Los Angeles Kings Fans

Chaz Curry is a lot of things. Professional photographer. Surf enthusiast. Hockey player. Die hard Kings fan.

Perhaps most importantly, Chaz Curry understands the power of a moment. The Kings and their fans are part of a unique moment in history right now that we've all waited for, dreamed about and prayed would happen. Chaz Curry wants to honor that moment by commemorating it forever -- captured in the beauty of black and white.

Chaz Curry wants YOU to be a part of that moment too.

Hopefully you've seen this image somewhere on Facebook, Twitter or a blog already. If you haven't, I'm happy to bring it to you. It's your chance to be a part of Kings history -- OUR HISTORY.

If you're still not sure why you should do this, here is a more detailed description of the project posted by Chaz on his Facebook page:

I'm interested in putting together a simple and straightforward movie consisting of nothing but stellar black & white portraits of Los Angeles Kings fans.

Without giving away too many details, Kings fan would show up at a photo studio somewhere in LA or Long Beach on a Saturday or Sunday and we'd shoot thousands of portraits of Kings fans against a black backdrop, preferably wearing Kings gear.

The reason why I want to do this is becaus
e we as Kings fans have waited a really, really long time for this moment, and while I don't want to jinx anything, I'd love to show this off right after the fact.

Moreover, this is something that is near and dear to my heart to be able do for Tanner and his family (Steven M. Raboin, Scott Raboin, Tim Raboin). For me, being a photographer, I have long wanted to use my talents to give back to Kings fans in any way possible, and I strongly feel in my heart that someone somewhere is telling me to do this.

In return everyone will get a hi-res copy of your photo that you may print out, frame, post online, whatever your heart desires).

To be honest, I haven't seen any sort of fanbase in ANY sport come together and do something of this nature. Have you?

So I ask this, Kings fans - Would you be willing to donate a half hour of your time on a Saturday or Sunday for this Tannerhead Nation project and our beloved team or do we sit back and casually just root for them like every other sports fan does?

For me, this will be a ton of hard work during the long shoot and a ton of hours spent in post production, but when I'm old and gray dying in my bed I'll be able to tell my grandchildren about this moment and say that I made a difference. A moment no one can take away from us wherever we go in life.

This is what being a Kings fan means to me, and what it meant to Tanner Raboin.
Did that give you chills? A tear in your eye? Me too. I'll be there Sunday. If you want to join in, RSVP to the Facebook event HERE.


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