Monday, September 27, 2010

Make My Day Mondays

Has someone ever done something for you that absolutely made your day?  I could have been a big thing or a small thing, but the feeling of gratitude it gave you was probably stronger than any thing else you felt that day.  Guess what?  It feels pretty amazing for the person doing the giving as well.  That's the concept sports agent Scott Norton is working to promote through "Make My Day Mondays."

"Make My Day Mondays" came on my radar by way of Kings Captain Dustin Brown, a Norton Sports client and tremendous doer of good things for other people.  And when my Captain gets behind something, I follow him.   Here are two of Brownie's recent do-good Tweets!

Dave Strehle over at NHL Hot Stove wrote a terrific post on Norton's new initiative, and since he's five times the writer I will ever be, I'm simply going to link you to what he wrote so you can learn more about the "Make My Day Monday" movement:

The bottom line is this -- every Monday, do something to make someone else's day a little bit better.

Here are some examples of good deeds and positive buzz for the "Make My Day Mondays" movement on Twitter just this morning:

So here's where YOU come in Kings fans.

If you're on Twitter, use the hash tag #MMDM when you post what YOU did to make someones day better.  Mention our Twitter handle (@LAKingsCourt) and we'd love to feature some of the great things our followers are doing in future blog posts!  If you don't want to start Tweeting, you can simply post your MMDM good deeds on the Kings Court Facebook Fan Page.

And I'm going to start things off.  I have two extra lower level tickets to Frozen Fury in Las Vegas.  I want to give them away to someone who wants to see the game and cheer on the Kings.  I can't pay to get you to Vegas, but I can treat you to a game.  The first person to DM me on Twitter will get them.  Good luck!


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