Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hockey Watch, Montreal Style!

There are plenty of places to enjoy a Kings hockey watch party in Los Angeles.  But when the Kings play on the road in Montreal, there is really only ONE place to watch --  The Redondo Beach Cafe. 

Home to the best Canadian food, beverage and hospitality in the South Bay, RBC is owned and operated by proud Canadians who are also incredible Kings supporters.  For that reason, we regulars forgive the fact that they're also Habs fans.

I like to know when things are happening at RBC, so I subscribe to their e-mail newsletter.  For the unacquainted, here is more information about RBC from one of their recent e-mail posts:

The Redondo Beach Café is owned and operated by native Montrealers. We proudly serve a Montreal Menu, featuring Smoked Meat brought in from Montreal, authentic Poutine with real Curd Cheese, Montreal Style Greek Food “Awarded South Bay’s Best” including our famous Tzatziki Sauce, Montreal Style Subs, Hamburger Steak as well as Montreal Bagels and Tim Hortons’ Coffee. Our homemade desserts sont incroyables! This year’s featured dessert will be Maple Syrup Sugar Pie!

Montreal food aside, these folks love the Kings so much they name food after our players!  That's right!  I can personally attest to the warm goodness of "Foxy's Chicken Noodle Soup," and "Lucky Luc's Original" foot long legend submarine sandwich is a do-not-miss.  And of course, it's the best place to get that Canadian artery clogger we all love -- POUTINE!

Tonight, RBC hosts a watch party with some pretty sweet ticket giveaways!  Check out this link to the event info on RBC's site for more information.

Section 117 Ticket Giveaways - Tonight only!

The puck drops on all the fun at 4:30 PM, but be sure to get there early.  The Queen and her entourage will be there, so you don't want to miss it!


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