Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Moustache Conspiracy

You can point to a lot of reasons why the Kings aren't winning these days.  Defensive breakdowns, a still power-less power play, too many penalties or a weakened penalty kill.  But lately, I've been thinking none of these are the REAL reason.  So what is?


I am not a girl opposed to a little scruffiness, but for some reason moustaches have never really appealed to me.   They always make me think of bad TV from the 70's, or B-movies, or The Village People.  I appreciate our boys are helping the NHL support Movember and bring attention to prostate cancer research, but I'm really starting to think the extra facial hair is stealing our mojo.

"I think I've done my part for the year...I know I look weird, but I'm still cool....right?? And for the last time, I am NOT Italian!  Leave me alone, already!"
So if we want to go back to our winning ways, I think a shave-down is in order.   The sooner, the better.  Is it December yet?


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