Monday, November 29, 2010

Kings vs. Ducks: The Curse of the Ponda

When you become a Kings fan, you instantly adopt an innate hatred of our crosstown rivals, the Anaheim Ducks.  It's one of those unspoken and automatic things, like Caps fans hating the Penguins, or Leafs fans despising the Habs.   The sight of a Ducks jersey prompts an uncontrollable gag reflex.  Mention of Corey Perry makes you see red.  And Bobby Ryan...well, don't get me started.

This is why I refuse to set foot inside the Honda Center.

It's like the Bermuda Triangle of hockey.  Bad things happen there.  Unexplainable things, like The Blair Witch Project meets The Exorcist bad stuff.   The Kings drowned in The Pond tonight, suffering their fourth loss in a row and the seventh one in their last eight games.  I was home listening on the radio and doing my best not to break my Doughty stick in half.

Some observations:
  • When Kevin Westgarth has more shots on goal in the third period than any other forward, you've got offensive problems.  And by offensive, I don't mean how bad his nose looks. although apparently he plays better with it broken.
  • When your best shooter has the puck and gets robbed by the opposing team goalie, you're either snake-bitten or your shot needs work.  Thoughts on that, Kopitar?
  • When your Norris Trophy-nominated defensive phenom creates a turnover and two penalties that lead to the game winning goal, you've got work to do.  How about it, Drew?
  • When your defense overall coughs up the puck enough times that you lose count, you're thinking someone is getting benched.  I'm looking at you, Jack Johnson.
  • When your hallowed defensive core turns into your Achilles heels overnight, you're re-evaluating the depth chart if you're Dean Lombardi.  You're probably also working the phones a little harder trying to fill some holes at both ends of said chart.
  • When you're wondering when Coach Murray is ordering a bag skate, you know EVERYONE in in the doghouse, unless your name is Jonathan Quick.
November cannot end soon enough for the Kings.  This game did confirm at least one thing -- The Moustache Conspiracy theory is REAL.   As my fellow blogger Matt Reitz of View From My Seats Tweeted me tonight....

Is it December yet?

If there was one bright spot tonight, it was the Kings FANS.  A kick-ass group of folks, led by the Die Hard Los Angeles Kings Fan group, rocked the Ponda so hard the Ducks fans were put to shame.   Keep those chants going, my friends!  Our team will find the answers, and our next visit to Anaheim will have a different outcome.   The Queen salutes you!


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