Monday, January 10, 2011

Kings vs Leafs: Where's Our Pride?

Before the Kings took on the Toronto Maple Leafs, I tweeted and Facebooked some advice to my boys: "Beware of bottom feeder teams because they have nothing to lose." Apparently no one on the Kings got the word, because they threw away another perfectly good win chance by letting a less talented team outwork them.

Baaahhhhh!! We're playing the Leafs?  EASY WIN!

Granted, it was Canadian Pride Night. Air Canada gave away free airline tickets all night. Some of the Canadian players flew in family members for the game. The mighty Maple Leaf was everywhere.

But frankly none of that mattered, because the Kings followed the same habit that hasn't worked for the past month -- play 30-40 minutes of solid hockey and take the night off. Any team who played 60 minutes, Canadian or not, would have beaten us.  Blowing a lead and losing by one goal (final score 2-1) was just the icing on the cake.

Wait...shouldn't you be on the other side?  Oh that's're the OTHER Schenn brother....
Not much for the Kings to have pride in tonight, eh?  But I'm still gonna say it anyway...


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