Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two One-Goal Losses? Twitter Has Answers!

One of the only nice things about the Kings playing on the road is the excuse to say home,  listen to Nick Nickson and Daryl Evans call the game on the radio, and banter back and forth with my fellow Kings fans on Twitter.  It's like a really great cocktail party where the drinks are free and you don't have to worry about driving home.

The conversation in the Kings Twitterverse the past two days has been filled with equal parts of love and frustration with the struggles of both our team as a whole and our favorite players individually.  Frustration is understandable when you're losing critical games during a stretch run to the play-offs, especially when there are no easy answers about how to fix it. 

Plenty of folks choose the negative path and bitch and complain.  Popular tweets in that vein right now include wondering when Terry Murray will be fired, whether Jon Stevens has brought a curse with him to LA and why Dean Lombardi hasn't pulled the top six left winger that will magically solve our problems out of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   I guess we need some rain if that third one is going to happen.

Bitching is easy, but optimism rules on Twitter too, and I was so encouraged tonight to see so many of my fellow Kings fans refusing to lose hope in spite of the uphill battle we're fighting.   Here are some samples of that optimism from my Twitter feed tonight, and some hilarious solutions to the Kings woes!

@LAKings -Myself, @jenwells21 @SanDSarebear & probably @HockeyQueen92 & @megums are willing to give the players free hugs if they are down.

RT @sherp70: HAHAHAHA RT @PamperedEllen: Maybe the #LAKings are into astrology and the changing of the "signs" has their heads all messed...

#iwishicould give the Kings magic fairy dust that'll make them win. The cheering & pep talks obviously haven't worked. GKG always & forever

athletic ups and downs are experienced firsthand. But somehow we grow, learn from it, and get better. Because thats all we can do; be better

Solutions Twitter has for #LAKings so far tonight...alcohol, hug line, free massages. Give me some more people....

@cheshirecat25 We can cut out the brownies in the shape of each players number.....

“@megums: @jenwells21 YES!!!!!!!!!!” How about fortune cookies?

@PucksAndGrub @megums as long as the fortune says some thing like "You score many goals and win many games" i'm down.

I love how the guys are talking trades to fix things, but the ladies are baking and hugging. Girls rule! #LAKings

RT @pucktacular: I may be a ton of miles away from the Kings but I feel their pain from here. Never kick a team when they're down. I am...
RT @ilikebs: Could they just replay the fight with Cliffy from the 1st period to cheer me up, plz? Thx... #LAKings

"It is always darkest just before the Day dawneth." #LAKings @LAKingsCourt  

At least in my Twitterverse, optimism rules the world.  So don't give up, Kings fans!  Take a cue from these folks and DON'T STOP BELIEVING!  Instead, bring all the positive energy you have to Staples Center Thursday night and cheer the Kings on against the Pacific Division rival Phoenix Coyotes.  WE CAN STILL DO THIS!


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