Monday, February 28, 2011

Kings vs Red Wings: Are We Really A Play-off Team?

Tonight kicked off an important stretch of home games for the Kings, all against tough Western Conference rivals in higher spots than us in the rankings. With the play-off race tighter than ever, these games are critical. Wins are required. 

Things looked great in the first, with the Kings striking first on a Michal Handzus power play goal. Then Detroit scored a goal to match, followed by a second goal less than a minute later. After that, the wheels came off the Kings bus and the Red Wings kept their foot firmly on the gas.  The final painful result was a 7-4 loss.

I don't know what to make of it either, Greener....

Here's what happened:
  • Jon Quick had a rare AWFUL game.
  • The Red Wings kept the pace fast the entire game, and we just couldn't keep up.
  • Penalties killed us (especially the BS calls).  
  • They made incredible plays.  We were a disorganized mess.
  • Our power play still isn't powerful enough.
Last night's game showed why Detroit is #2 in the conference standings and we're fighting to stay in the bottom half of the top eight.  Frankly, last night's effort came from a team that didn't look ready for the play-offs, much less able to get out of the first round.  When does our new acquisition Mr. Penner arrive?

Other quick hits from the evening:
  • The Red Wings are one of those visit teams that flood my section with visiting fans. I'd like to shoot the disloyal season ticket holders that resell their seats, but I'm sure they're charging enough to pay for at least a quarter of the season. That still doesn't make it right.
  • I wish I remembered the name of last night's National Anthem singer so I could call her parents and tell her she is NOT invited back.  I know she's 13, but she spread that song out to the length of a full album.  You are NOT Whitney Houston honey,  Whitney isn't even Whitney any more.  Leave the vocal gymnastics and home and just sing the darn tune!
  • In honor of Black Heritage Night, Willie O'Ree dropped the ceremonial puck, accompanied by....rapper Master P? That's a head scratcher to be sure.
Yup, that's THE Willie O'Ree...right behind Dan Cleary's big melon.
  • On a cooler note, two of the original Tuskegee Airmen were in attendance as the military heroes of the game.
These are real heroes, folks.
So our reinforcements (see Dustin Penner) arrive tomorrow, just in time to take on another big division and conference opponent Thursday against the Phoenix Coyotes.  Let's hope the Kings can truly forget this awful evening and get a fresh start in the next couple of games.  In the meantime....


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