Monday, February 7, 2011

"Money on the Board": Week 1 Results

Last week I issued a challenge to my beloved Kings -- win games, get back in play-off contention and spend some of my hard earned money to help Chicago Pucks Cancer support the Young Survival Coalition.

I'm happy to report the boys heard me, and they came through!  Here's a summary of the week, the Kings goal tallies, and my "Money on the Board" pledge total to date.

Let's do this thing, Stolly!

February 1st - Kings vs. Wild
A tight checking game led to no Kings goals and a 1-0 loss in the shoot-out.  Not exactly the start I was hoping for....

Final dollars = $0

February 2nd - Kings vs. Oilers
Drew and the Kings power play finally broke loose and scored 2 goals!  From a money standpoint, things were a little bit in question when both goals initially credited to Drew were given to Ryan Smyth, which would have dropped my $20 donation to a paltry $2.  I committed to honoring both goals at "Drew rate" since I was so happy to see his shot get going, and the NHL changed the scoring the next day, proving I was right.  Jack Johnson also added a goal to the effort.

Final score - Kings 3, Oilers 1
Final dollars = Doughty @ $10 x 2 + Johnson @ $1 x 1 = $21

February 5nd - Kings vs. Flames
It took a lot of nail biting and another wild finish, but the Kings got their 2nd win in February in one of our most challenging buildings - The Saddledome!   Justin Williams was the hero of the night, netting the game winner in the 7th round of the shoot-out.

Final score - Kings 4, Flames 3
Final dollars = (Scuderi + Brown + Williams) x $1 + Williams x $1 = $4

So after one week of action, I've got $25 to donate to the Young Survival Coalition via Chicago Pucks Cancer!  Not a bad start, but I know my boys have more goals in them, and I'm excited to see what the coming week holds.  With the Kings scheduled to play the Pittsburgh Penguins, Washington Capitals, and Philadelphia Flyers, we've got plenty of exciting hockey coming, so stay tuned!

If you've decided to join the "Money on the Board" challenge yourself, drop The Queen an e-mail at  I'd love to hear about YOUR pledge!


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