Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kings vs Senators: Ending on a High Note

For their last game before the All-Star break, the Kings had their work cut out for them playing against the Ottawa Senators. Although the Kings have fared pretty well against Eastern Conference opponents this season, the Senators came in to Staples Center boasting a recent 5-1 road record and a lot of big, skilled players. Beating that kind of team takes a solid effort from your best players, right?

No. Winning took exceptional efforts from some unlikely heroes.

The Kings third and fourth lines worked their asses off. Kevin Westgarth set up a great screen that contributed to Willie Mitchell's goal, the Kings first of the night. Trevor Lewis stunned the Senators and buried a penalty shot chance, scoring the first "McFlurry Minute" goal of the season. And Kyle Clifford -- The Big Red Dog -- stole the hearts of the Staples Center crowd, earning his first Gordie Howe hat trick.

There were other contributions as well. The defencemen did what we've come to expect them to do from the blue line. Colin Fraser was tough and determined. But the stars were silent. And yet the Kings won. It's a ending that could only happen in Hockeywood, the perfect big red bow tied to the end of the first half of the Kings roller coaster season.

A few more thoughts from The Queen:
  • Not sure where brownie was looking when Wiliams put a nice pass right between his skates early in the first period, but it wasn't at the puck. Guess that explains why the first line had a tough time putting any shots on net.
  • Nice to see The Big Red Dog get back to being scrappy. Zenon Konopka is a lot to handle and Cliffy held his own.
  • To the rude guy in the row behind me -- just because the Canadian National Anthem isn't YOUR anthem doesn't mean it's not "real." In my section, we respect everyone.
  • Patrick O'Neal must read tweets about him because he asked much better questions during his in-game interview with Colin Fraser.
  • I'm starting to think this team has been playing defense first hockey for so long they've forgotten how to do a power play. Anyone got a Power Play For Dummies book?
  • Can someone please explain how Stolly being charged by the Ottawa goalie is interference on Stoll?
  • It's a crime the 3 boys behind me didn't make the Dance Cam. They were jammin'!

There were lots of awesome Tweets to choose from during the game, but these definitely stood out!

Next, the Kings enjoy an extended break during the NHL All-Star game festivities. After one more home game on February 1st, they leave for a 6 game East Coast road trip. Until then, check out Jonathan Quick as he represents the Kings at the All-Star game in Ottawa on Sunday, January 29th.


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