Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Game 4 By The Numbers

Eye black for the perfect game face: $5

Official playoff t-shirt from Team LA store: $25.99
Lower bowl playoff ticket: $90.50

"Lucky dinner" combo of Wetzel's Butter & Salt pretzel and a frozen margarita: $15.25

Projected dive count from Ryan Kessler based on Games 1-3: 2.5

Projected number of celebrity sightings: 5
Number of times the guy sitting behind me will probably say "Aw, come on Doughty!" and I'll want to punch him: 25
Number of Kings fans who HONESTLY knew this would happen ALL ALONG: 0
Percentage of Kings fans waiting for "The other shoe to drop": 50%
Number of frayed nerve endings per Kings fan in attendance: All of them
Chance the Kings will finish this series in 4 games: I'm superstitious. Not even going there.... 


1 comment:

  1. Let's go tonight! I got my voice back from Sunday at Staples and ready to repeat.

    Talk about nerves, I'm a mess. I cannot concentrate! which sucks because I have to do payroll today. :-)

    I'll wear my temp tattoos again to the game for luck.