Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kings-Blues Game 3: I Love It When A Plan Comes Together!

All season long Kings fans have been waiting for the Kings best players to be our best players. In Game 3, it happened in spades and is a perfect example of how everything is coming together at the right time for this team in the playoffs.

  • Drew Doughty - One goal, two assists, awesome defensive play and a #1 Star of the Night.
  • Anze Kopitar - One goal (his second of the playoffs) and two assists.
  • Mike Richards - Well, is there anything he didn't do in this game? One hugely important goal en route to a Gordie Howe Hat Trick and the #2 Star of the Night.

The big guns were the big guns, but make no mistake about it -- EVERYONE chipped in and did their part. I spent huge periods during the game just watching in awe. Every read worked, every player was positionally sound. It was possibly the best played game by the Kings since....since.....I just don't even know any more.

What I do know is this. This team is a contender. We're up 3-0 in the series. We're a huge monkey on the back of the St. Louis Blues.


Other thoughts from The Queen: 
  • Jonathan Quick is a rock star. The building vibrated when he was announced before the start of the game. I actually got chills. 
  • I think Dustin Brown was saving his body during the regular season and not hitting as much because NOW he's crushing very thing that moves. Smart. Very smart.
  • I think the recent comparisons between Dustin Penner and a bear are accurate. Seems he hibernates during the regular season and only wakes up during the playoffs. He is a beast, after all....
  • Brian Hayward--GET OFF OUR ICE! And take your Anaheim Duck fowl stench with you!
  • I hate THIS almost as much as I hate Brian Hawyard. Bandwagon fans drive me crazy and we're actually encouraging MORE of them? Forget the bus and talk to me when you've been a fan for a while. 
  • Nothing more significant has happened on this day in Kings history than the birth of a dude no one remembers. Although the Kings did work in a Modry playoff stat. I think we need to spend more time in the playoffs from here forward. 

  • Thanks to the people who showed up to take my warm up seats and ruined my pictures. And exactly WHERE have you been all season?
  • The game intro video set to My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade was GENIUS. It reminded me how much I love that song and how much I adore seeing pictures of our boys as little tiny hockey players. Even as a kid, Drew was adorable and Quickie had swagger.

  • No one with the Kings entertainment staff reads Surly and Scribe. Davis Gaines has been absent the entire playoffs -- and I'm OK with that. Sorry Jacob....

Now, we just need to do it ONE MORE TIME. You know what to say, Kings fans...


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  1. Can't wait for today! Wonder if losing our voices so often will carry over into our old age? LOL

    Love the pic with the weird stuffed animal on his back. :-)