Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kings vs. Ducks: Bobby Ryan Problems

Just before the Ducks fired Randy Carlyle and hired Bruce Boudreau, Bobby Ryan's name was all over the hockey blogosphere associated with trade rumors.

A number of Kings blogs mused about the kind of fit he would be for the Kings and what it would cost us. Personally, I always thought the chances of him being acquired by the Kings were extremely small. After all, why would we want to trade ANY of our players to the enemy? Isn't it bad enough they managed to get their webbed paws on Lubo? My sincere hope was that the Ducks would trade him to an Eastern Conference team and get him as far out of our hair as possible.

Tonight, I REALLY wish my prediction had been right since Ryan stung the Kings for not one but TWO goals en-route to Bruce Boudreau's first win behind the Ducks bench. But I'm a gracious loser, so I'm getting Bruce a little gift. He likes Crocs, right?

How about our Kings tonight? More of the same -- meaning not even close to good enough -- although there were some positives.
  • Slava Voynov is our hero. He single-handedly got us back in the game right at the end of the second period.
  • Justin Williams was SO OVERDUE for a goal it was getting painful to watch him trying so hard the last few games. AWESOME to see him break out of his slump tonight with a huge goal to tie the game.
  • The first period was god awful. Talk about 20 minutes of hockey we'd love to have back.
  • Jonathan Quick's stick handling had gotten a little better. It's still not good enough to use as an in-game strategy.
  • Nick Nickson cursed Quick by mentioning his league leading shut out record in the first period -- right before Bobby Ryan scored. I was an accomplice to the crime by virtue of posting Nick's comment on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Who knew the only trick to get Dustin Penner to play a better game was to get him back inside the Honda Center...

Let's hope the Kings can erase this nightmare from the memories and come back hard against the Minnesota Wild on Thursday.


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