Sunday, December 4, 2011

Surf's Up, Kings Fans!

Are you looking to add to your unique collection of Kings memorabilia? Got the perfect Kings themed man-cave -- except for that one empty wall? If so, there is a very special item available on NHL Auctions as we speak that you NEED to check out -- and it has ties to a member of the Kings family!

How would YOU like to be the proud owner of a one-of-a-Kind custom Kings team-signed SURF BOARD?

This surf board is unique not just because it is signed by the entire 2011-2012 Kings roster and featured in the Kings Ice Crew Calendar, but also because a member of the Kings own family developed the idea for for board and helped make it as well!

Michael Timoney has been a member of the Kings Ice Crew for the past 4 seasons and the surf board was his idea. Kings Court caught up with Michael to find out more about this unique concept.

Photos courtesy of Michael Timoney

KC: How did the idea for the surf board come about?
MT: "I talked to my brother who was a surf board maker as a hobby, and I wanted to make a surf board to help raise money for the Kings Care Foundation. So I figured, OK the calendar, it's Los Angeles, we're known for our beaches, what better way to add to our Ice Crew Calendar than a surfboard to make it that much better? My whole plan with making the surf board was to make it like the brand new road jersey. Our road jerseys are new, a surf board is new and never been done. The goal was to get all the players to sign it and then sell it for the Kings Care Foundation."

KC: How long did it take to make?
MT: "We did the Ice Crew board and the Bailey board both at the same time and they took like a week to make them both. It was really hard to do."

KC: Are both surf boards featured in the Ice Crew Calendar?
MT: "Yes they are, both the Bailey and the Ice Crew one, and then the Bailey one is also autographed by the whole team."

KC: How much money are you hoping to raise?
MT: "I would love to get in the thousands! I would love that actually."

KC: I don't know much about surf boards, so what are the dimensions? Is it a short board or a long board?
MT: "It's a short board. The height is, I believe,  6' 1". You could surf on it but it's autographed so I don't know why you would do that!"

KC: What did the players think when they were asked to sign a surf board?
MT: "I wasn't there unfortunately to get to see the autograph signing, but I'm sure they were probably pretty stoked!

If you're interested in this one-of-a-kind item, you only have 8 DAYS left to bid! Get on over to the NHL Auctions site using this link.


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