Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kings vs. Red Wings: Lowlights

It's no secret things are rough for the Kings right now. But even in bad times, a team can have some "highlights" -- just like these tonight:
  • First time this season the Kings have made a goal tending change midway through a game.
  • First time this season the Kings have allowed an opposing team more than 4 goals.
  • Worst scoring slump in team history (11 goals in 17 games).
  • A regular healthy scratch is now our top scorer with 2 goals in two games -- that would be Davis Drewiske.
No, this wasn't taken in Detroit, but the look on Greene's face says it all...
I know it's the Detroit Red Wings, but losing 8-2? We are in the midst of a total team breakdown right now -- plain and simple. Will Daryl Sutter be the answer? Will he start his tenure by bag skating this team until half of them are on IV fluids? Will we ever find our power play again? If the goals start coming back, will we remember how to play defense again?

Tonight, I've got no answers, Kings fans. Just hope that it gets better. It HAS to get better, right?

On to Toronto....


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