Sunday, August 21, 2011

Free Agency Flashback: Oil Kings

If you stay a hockey fan long enough, sooner or later one of two things will happen. One -- tragedy will befall one of your favorite players and they will be traded to another team. Or two -- you get stuck with someone else's cast-off because your GM needs to fill a box on the depth chart.

Scenario number two led the Kings to (potentially) sign Ethan Moreau over the weekend.

Since he still needs to pass a physical to guarantee the deal goes through, I'm not going to expound on the pluses and minus of this deal for the Kings until later. But trust me, it's coming.

In the meantime, I was digging through old Kings photos this weekend and happened across a set from the Kings-Oilers game on February 11, 2010. Let's just say it was entertaining seeing the number of former and current Kings players on the Oilers roster at that point. Let's see if some of these faces look familiar.

Ah, Lubo. I can still hear you saying "Cookie for you? Vote for Lubo!" in my head.

It still makes me smile every time. Although I suppose being an Oiler was less painful than pretending to like being a Duck. You deserve so much better, but I appreciate your sacrifice so Matt Greene and keep me entertained in your stead.

Anyone remember this guy?

He looked better with hair, but yes, that is Patrick O'Sullivan. He was the first Kings player I ever loved, and he broke my heart by becoming a "suitcase." For those of you not fluent in hockey parlance, this refers to a player who gets traded so often he just needs to keep his gitch packed right in his bag. (If you don't know what "gitch" is, you gotta find that one on your own...) I think he should keep the razor he was using on his head packed too. The one for his face needs some use.

Then there is this guy, who you should all know well by now.

This best thing about this photo is proof that Dustin Penner can indeed be a big dude but still skinny, and darn good looking at that! If Tim Adams is getting the results I'm hearing about, strap yourselves in for a fun ride this season.

And speaking of looks, our new acquisition Mr. Moreau does have a few assets....

He's the one on the left -- with the long stick.

Maybe he's not so bad after all.....


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