Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Help Say Hello To Mike Richards!

Ever since the news broke that the Kings traded for Mike Richards, Kings Court has been getting new followers -- and they're Flyers fans.

Mike, orange just isn't your color. 

Let's give this one a try.
I personally think it says a lot about the character of a player when fans stay loyal to them in spite of switching teams. And there is possibly no more loyal Mike Richards fan -- at least that I've met -- than Jamie Szymanski.

She contacted me on Twitter about a scrapbook she and a friend are putting together to give to Mike Richards in October when the Kings play the Flyers. They are including thank you letters from Flyers fans and would also love welcome letters from Kings fans!

If you'd like to contribute a letter to the scrapbook, send your submission to this email address:


Jamie would like to have your letters by August 31st to give them time to put the scrapbook together. I'll make sure to follow up with her as well to see if we can get some photos of the finished product! So get writing and make our new guy feel welcome!


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