Friday, August 26, 2011

Kings Court Featured Fan: Michael Castillo

Michael Castillo is the Kings correspondent for The 110 Report, on Fansided blog that covers all things related to Los Angeles sports. I'm really glad he responded to the survey because it gives me a chance to remind you that if you have a Kings blog or site of any kind, Kings Court wants to hear from you! One of The Queen's goals with Kings Court is getting the word out about all the fantastic people that write about our kingdom. You can always find my most complete list here.

Without further ado, here are Michael's answers to The Queen's fan survey! Enjoy!


1. How did you first get introduced to hockey?
My father was a huge Kings fan, and he and my uncle would go to a bunch of games per season at the Forum. It rubbed off. 

2. When did you become a Kings fan, and what do you remember about your first Kings fan experience?
My dad talking down Gretzky, and loving Luc.

3. Who is you favorite Kings player of all time, past or present, and why?
Luc. Because he's Luc. Obviously! 

4. What is your favorite memory of the Kings?
The second goal in Game 3 vs. the Sharks, because it was the loudest moment I've ever witnessed in person, at Staples. 

5. What is your favorite item of Kings gear and why?
My Kings cap, because it's versatile.

6. If you could watch a game from any location in Staples Center, where would you be and why?
The lower bowl, in the corner, so I can see the play develop in both ends.

7. If you could be a King, what position would you play and why?
Defense, because I love passing back and forth and hearing the crowd yell "shoot the puck you idiot!!!!"

8. If you had a chance to address the team right now, what would you say?
 "Who wants to grab a beer with Mike Richards and I? He's paying. Quick, you in? I know you are, Cliffy!"

9. If you could have dinner with a current Kings player, who would you choose and what would you say to them?
See question #8. No, but seriously it would probably be Scuderi or Greene or Mitchell. They seem to be the most down to earth, nicest guys.

10. What is the best thing about being a Kings fan?
Not being a Ducks fan.


Don't forget Kings fans, if you'd like to submit your answers and become a Kings Court Featured Fan, click this link for directions!


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