Monday, December 19, 2011

Kings vs. Leafs: Turning Over a New Leaf?

After the absolute embarrassment the Kings suffered in Detroit, Matt Greene led a huge team bitch session to discuss how awful things are right now. Maybe that's the reason the Kings played better tonight. Maybe it's because more than half the team is Canadian and they were playing their first game in Canada this season. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. The Kings came away with a much needed win against the Leafs -- final score 3-2.

Of course, being the Kings they didn't make it look easy. I only know what I hear Nick and Daryl tell me on the radio, but it certainly sounded like the overall effort was better. Although it still took a shoot out to get the job done.

Thank goodness this guy came through in the clutch.

What can Brown do for you? WIN GAMES!

There has certainly been quite a bit of discussion about Dustin Brown in the Kings blogosphere as of late, including that he should be stripped of the "C", he's not vocal enough and he's not enough of a leader on the ice. Based on his effort tonight, I think our fearless Captain still has some life left in him.

So do some other people.

And of course, there is our tireless true believer Bailey.

So the Kings are on their way home to a changed world as Daryl Sutter takes over behind the bench. Let's hope the changes are for the better. Practice Wednesday should be interesting....


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