Thursday, March 22, 2012

KBPP Preview: Kings vs Blues

The Kings are on a 5 game winning streak and that positive momentum could not come at a better time. Tonight will be the true test of how good the Kings really are courtesy of a match up with the Western Conference leading St. Louis Blues.

If you remember the Kings first home game of the season, the boys came out hard and completely destroyed the Blues 5-0.

But this Blues squad has fine tuned their game under a season of Ken Hitchcock and our task tonight will be anything but easy. Tonight's game may also be a preview of the Kings first round in the play-offs if the standings in the West hold steady 10 games from now.

Will the Kings continue their winning ways tonight? Or will they be signing the blues for the first time in a while? Let's see what your favorite Kings bloggers have to say.


The Royal Half from The Royal Half
  • Score: Kings 3, Blues 2
  • Reason: The LA Kings get two goals from Mark Messie…. I mean Dustin Penner and beat the Blues.
  • Record: 14-9

Jon Gillette from Rink Royalty 
  • Score: Kings 4, Blues 3
  • Reason: Well, if the Ducks can do it... Honestly, I don't care about the score anymore, I only care about the 2 points in the standings and making a statement against potential playoff opposition.
  • Record: 13-10

Meg Jarrell from Kings Court
(That's me so you don't need no stinking link --- you're already here!)
  • Score: Kings 3, Blues 1
  • Reason: Thanks to a valiant effort from the Quacks, the Western Conference leading Blues are coming in to Staples with little less energy and a loss under their belts. The Kings are in attack mode and the Pacific Division is in sight. The power of Hanks is with us!
  • Record: 13-10

Hipcheck from LA Kings Road Talk Radio
  • Score: Kings 4, Blues 2
  • Reason:  If the ducks can hang a 4 spot on the Blues so can the Kings given their recent scoring mojo. I see a very physical game with at least a couple of fighting majors handed out while I once again try to shake the vision of bad memories involving Geoff Courtnall.
  • Record: 11-12

Wavesinair from Deep Inside the Kings@deepinsidekings
  • Score:  Kings 3, Blues 2, shootout
  • Reason:  St. Louis is vulnerable after losing 2 of their last 3 and going into the second half of their back2back tonight. However, they will be ready. But so will the Kings, who have finally shown they want to move past their notoriously inconsistent tendencies. The first two games of this match up resulted in 5 goals total for each. The third game was a Blues shutout 1-0. Tonight?
  • Record: 12-11

Matt Murray from Life In Hockeywood

  • Score:  Kings 2, Blues 0
  • Reason: The Kings may be the hottest scoring team in the West since Feb. 25, going 9-3, but the Blues have been on fire as well, going 10-4 in that same span. But the Blues have been tapering off since clinching a playoff spot. Still, this will be a defensive struggle, as both teams are 1-2 in goals against. My guess is the Kings will be able to crack the seal at least twice, allowing Quick to do what he does best.
  • Record: 12-11

Got a prediction of your own? Leave it in the comments and see how you stack up against the KBPP!


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