Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kings vs Blue Jackets: Who's The Man?

The big story tonight was the Carter-Johnson face-off.  Jeff Carter couldn't wait to get out of Columbus. Jack Johnson is happy to be somewhere he's wanted after being traded by the Kings. But who got it done where it matters -- on the ice?

My prediction tonight was simple. Kings win because Carter > Johnson. Boy was I wrong.

Not that I'm totally surprised. Johnson isn't the show pony Carter is. He had more to prove tonight and every Kings fan knows Jack is one of the most competitive people you'll ever find around  a hockey rink. He had a shot at his hero moment and he grabbed it. Good for him. I'm sure it gave him great pleasure to stick that win in our faces. The Twitterverse thought so too.

Although I have a sneaking suspicion there was a conspiracy at work to trip up the Kings. Mike Richards suggested some evidence before the game even started.

Apparently someone gets a little cranky when their nap is disturbed....

All the Kings can do at this point is move on and hope for better outcomes in the games to come. On the plus side, Anze Kopitar's game showed signs of life tonight, and we're going to need him in Detroit tomorrow. Despite fielding of a roster depleted by injuries, the Wingnuts are never easy to beat, especially on back-to-back nights AND at The Joe to boot.

Every game counts and unless the Kings want to see our playoff hopes evaporate, they have got to post some wins -- soon.

At least Kings prospect Ray "Sooper Yooper" Kaunisto still has his sense of humor intact....


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