Saturday, March 3, 2012

KBPP Preview: Kings vs Ducks

Hello Kings fans! The Queen is BACK after a little work travel to pay those old hockey bills, and we're back to predicting Kings wins and losses. My record has taken a hit lately, so much like the Kings I'm trying to climb back into play-off contention among my fellow Kings bloggers. Nothing like a Duck Roast to get a Kings fan back on track, right?

I'm predicting a Kings win tonight, but let's see what the other members of the KBPP have to say.


The Royal Half from The Royal Half
  • Score: 4 Kings, Ducks 0
  • Reason: Depsite 4 goals from Jeff Carter… oh, wait… cool.. Jeff Carter scores 4 goals and the Kings win!
  • Record:7-7

Jon Gillette from Rink Royalty 
  • Score: Kings 4, Ducks 0
  • Reason: The Ducks have been trying to scare us recently but it all came to an end against the Sabers. The Kings are going to put the finishing touches on the misery in Anaheim. And, 4-0... When the Kings roll, that appears to be HOW they roll.
  • Record: 6-8

Bobby Scribe from Surly and Scribe

  • Score: Kings 5, Ducks 3
  • Reason: Surly's birthday. They must win.
  • Record: 5-9

Meg Jarrell from Kings Court
(That's me so you don't need no stinking link --- you're already here!)
  • Score: Kings 3, Anaheim 2 (OT)
  • Reason:  It will be the typical Kings-Ducks slugfest, but pride -- and the playoffs are at stake.
  • Record: 6-8

Hipcheck from LA Kings Road Talk Radio
  • Score: Kings 4, Ducks 3 (OT)
  • Reason: Kings rookie continue to be the difference both on the scoreboard and on the fight card. Jeff Carter comes alive and Brown does his thing.  Willie Mitchell scored the GW goal...that what he does against the Ducks.     
  • Record: 4-10

Wavesinair from Deep Inside the Kings@deepinsidekings
  • Score: Kings 3, Ducks 2 (OT) Carter with the chicken dinner.
  • Reason: I know it's not a rivalry that rivals a bitter playoff rivalry, but hey, it's a pretty exciting game nonetheless, right? It's shaping up to be a bad-blood type of game, and I certainly hope it lives up to the billing. With our own offensive threat to rival Perry, I'm looking at this to be the game where Carter makes his mark. Quick will be so rested and ready to put his team on his back if need be, but I don't think it will come to that. Still, it's a tough call considering what's on the line for both clubs. I just hope we pummel their top guys all night long.
  • Record: 6-8

Matt Murray from Life In Hockeywood

  • Score:  Kings 3, Ducks 0
  • Reason: The Kings' offense is slowly coming around, finally catching up to their All-Star goaltender's stellar season. The Carter/Richards Connection will finally connect, and the power play will ignite. Could this be the start of their playoff push?
  • Record: 7-7

Got a prediction of your own? Leave it in the comments and see how you stack up against the KBPP!


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