Tuesday, March 6, 2012

KBPP Preview: Kings vs Predators

With 17 games left in the regular season, every one is critical for the 9th place Kings. Nashville is a tough place to start a road trip given our record against them this year, and the Preds are coming off the trade deadline an improved team to boot. Will Jeff Carter be the difference maker again tonight? And will normally rock-solid Jonathan Quick finally get a win in Smashville this season?

Bernier has the better record, but Quick gets the chance to beat the Preds.

Let's see what your favorite Kings bloggers think.

The Royal Half from The Royal Half
  • Score: Kings 1, Preds 0
  • Reason: Same old Kings, Same old Predators.
  • Record:8-7

Jon Gillette from Rink Royalty 
  • Score: Kings 5, Predators 2
  • Reason:  Because the ball is finally rolling and the Kings are taking the Pacific Division.
  • Record: 7-8

Bobby Scribe from Surly and Scribe

  • Score: Kings 3, Predators 1
  • Reason: We have to beat these fucks eventually
  • Record: 6-9

Meg Jarrell from Kings Court
(That's me so you don't need no stinking link --- you're already here!)
  • Score: 4 Kings, Predators 2
  • Reason: Nashville was a rough town for the Kings last time, but
    Sheriff Carter is in town to help turn the tide.
  • Record: 7-8

Hipcheck from LA Kings Road Talk Radio
  • Score:  Predators 2, Kings 1
  • Reason: Same old story and will end in Hammond simply copying and pasting quotes from his previous entries from the last Nashville Game. Only wild card here is will Bernier start? if he does reverse the Score and the Kings win 2-1.
  • Record: 5-10
Wavesinair from Deep Inside the Kings@deepinsidekings
  • Score:  Kings 3, Predators 2, SO
  • Reason:  It's a watershed game and I think they are finally up to the challenge.
  • Record: 7-8

Matt Murray from Life In Hockeywood

  • Score:  Predators 3, Kings 2
  • Reason:  The first real test since Jeff Carter has come on board, the Predators are no slouch. They have a home point streak going, and they were movers at the trade deadline. They also have Pekke Rinna in goal, who leads the league with 36 wins. The Kings are finally out of the cellar of least amount of goals, and that may have to do with the acquisition of Carter. They now have 138, the Wild have 137, so they aren't out of the woods yet. I think they'll keep it close all game, but fall thanks to a flukey goal in the third.
  • Record: 8-7

Got a prediction of your own? Leave it in the comments and see how you stack up against the KBPP!


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