Tuesday, March 13, 2012

KBPP Preview: Kings vs Red Wings

Last week things got ugly at The Joe. Slovenian vs Slovenian, Mike Richards breakdowns, dogs and cats living together -- just downright ugly. Tonight the Kings get a chance to whitewash the ugly and make it pretty and new again. And advance their playoff hopes. Because it's the reason we're here. Right?

I need more rally towels in my collection. We make the playoffs, we get some.

Let's see what the Kings blogosphere expects to see tonight.


The Royal Half from The Royal Half
  • Score: Kings 3, Red Wings 2
  • Reason: Because the Los Angeles Kings are the ultimate cocktease.
  • Record:10-9

Jon Gillette from Rink Royalty 
  • Score: Kings 3, Red Wings 1
  • Reason: Revenge
  • Record: 9-10

Meg Jarrell from Kings Court
(That's me so you don't need no stinking link --- you're already here!)
  • Score: Kings 3, Detroit 2
  • Reason: Because the 3-2 league thing is keeping me in the playoff hunt right now. Hopefully it does the same thing for the Kings.
  • Record: 9-10

Hipcheck from LA Kings Road Talk Radio
  • Score: Kings 3, Red Wings 2
  • Reason: Kings look to make a statement after the motown choke not but a mere few days ago. Richards/Carter continues to pay dividends and Voynov stays hot for his 2nd in 2 games. Doughty plays up to the level his is capable of and Quick maintains the mojo he brought to Chicago.
  • Record: 7-12
Wavesinair from Deep Inside the Kings@deepinsidekings
  • Score: Red Wings 5, Kings 2
  • Reason: Rusty Howard in net should give the Kings more than enough incentive to unload hell on ice, out-shooting the Red Wings by a wide margin... again. Which is why I'm taking Detroit, who has proven over and over again, they bend but don't break. Having scored no less than 4 goals in each of the 3 previous games with the Kings, the Wings score at least 4 and win the season series 4-0. Kings fans freakout... again.
  • Record: 9-10

Matt Murray from Life In Hockeywood

  • Score: Red Wings 2, Kings 1
  • Reason:  Rich Hammond called their last matchup The Meltdown in Motown, which I'm sure the Kings would like to put behind them.   But the Kings have to face a rested Jimmy Howard, and I'm thinking L.A. isn't going to be able to crack him.
  • Record: 10-9

Got a prediction of your own? Leave it in the comments and see how you stack up against the KBPP!


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