Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kings vs. Devils: Back to The States

I have nothing personally against the fine hockey fans in Europe, but starting the season in Europe just felt weird. Hockey was not meant to be watched over breakfast, and with the exception of Anze Kopitar the Kings have no European players anymore. Granted, Mr. Anschutz has more money than God and I suppose if he's footing the bill his team can play wherever he wants them. Even so, it was so nice to finally have the Kings back in the good old USA for a REAL game today!

I wasn't able to join the Kings "official" watch party at Hooters due to my work schedule. As much as I would have preferred to watch the game with my fellow Kings fans -- not to mention Bailey and Jay Flats! -- I've never liked the job Hooters has done with previous parties and I wish the Kings could find another sponsor. But that's a whole blog topic for another day.

Instead, Nick and Daryl kept me entertained on the commute home. Things went so well for the Kings while I was in the car, maybe I should have just stayed there.

A 2-1 shoot-out loss isn't the way we need to be rolling to start the season. With the loss, the Kings record sits at 1-1-1. That's just too many ones. Two is the only number that matters. At least I didn't shell out a bunch of "ones" for overpriced food and beer...

Some other quick thoughts on the Kings US debut:

  • Congrats to Simon Gagne on his first goal as a King! Although I refuse to refer to him by any of his actual nicknames because Gags and Gaggy sound like conditions that need rehab. I prefer to call him "Your Hotness.

  • How much does Kopitar LOVE playing with wingers that have legit skills? I'm guessing A LOT.
  • I don't wish injuries on any player -- but somehow they're amusing when they happen to a goalie nicknamed "Fatty."
  • Hey Devils, a 39 year old starting goalie and 38 year old back up is NOT a formula for success. Offer us Zach Parise and we might be able to help you.
  • I know some of you hate the white jerseys, but damn do they look awesome coordinated with Quickie's new lid!
  • It looks like Doughty got tired of the Westgarth comparisons and found some scissors.
  • Kovalchuk played every other shift and still couldn't score in regulation. I hope the Devils play him into the ground. I'm happier every time I see him play that Deano kept a tight hold on the checkbook with that one. Although we won't talk about the shoot-out goal...
  • Dustin Penner did nothing in his regular season debut -- except give the Devils a power play for the start of overtime by taking a stupid charging penalty. Not exactly the turnaround we're looking for there, Pens.
  • Someone please tell me this team will learn to win in regulation sometime before February.


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