Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kings vs Devils: Be-Deviled Again

It isn't often that the Kings play an Eastern Conference team twice in one season, much less the same team twice in one month. Yet a mere 12 days after the Kings first game back on American soil, they got stuck facing off with those pests the New Jersey Devils once again.

The big controversy of the night was Terry Murray starting back-up Jonathan Bernier over red-hot Jonathan Quick. I totally understand our coach keeping his word, especially when it was given BEFORE Quick set a record for consecutive minutes without allowing a goal in the win against Dallas. But there had to be a part of Quick that wanted a chance to get back at Kovalchuk and the Devils for the shoot out loss he endured 2 weeks ago.

For his part, Bernier had an up and down game. He had a couple of close shaves in the first period, saved once by Mr. Goalpost and the second time by the referee. Then his luck ran out in the second, in part because the entire team lost steam in front of him. The first two goals were not completely Bernier's fault. In fact, you can probably blame goal number 2 on Kopitar. But goal number three? He wants that one back.

Maybe try looking UP next time....

Unfortunately the three goals the Kings gave up in the second period were all it took to seal the deal on a 3-0 loss, the first for the Kings at Staples Center this season. I suppose it had to happen sometime, but that doesn't make it easier to take. The fact that the Devils swept us this season also sucks.

At least my signed "Mystery Puck" was a Kopitar....

Here are a few other quick hits from tonight's effort, including some happy moments:
  • It was beautiful seeing Steve Raboin do the ceremonial puck drop in honor of his son Tanner, who passed away at the end of last season. If you haven't signed up to be a bone marrow donor yet and have questions, PLEASE let me know. I've registered myself and it's easy and painless. A simple cheek swab can save someones life. Just do it.
  • I spoke with Nichole Brown (yes, our Captain's better half) and she said the Love for Lokomotiv bracelet sales have raised $22,000 so far -- and that was BEFORE tonight's game. THANK YOU to all of you who supported this great cause.
  • The boys all taped their sticks purple in honor of Hockey Fights Cancer. All the ads along the boards were lavender as well, which was very cool. And Foxy and Bob Miller always look sharp in their Hockey Fights Cancer ties.
  • You know we're playing an East Coast opponent when a bunch of suits show up and sit in lower bowl. 
  • Devils fans that attend games at Staples Center ONLY root for Martin Brodeur, so it was nice he wasn't playing. I think I would have preferred he did.
  • Hearing Kovalchuk get booed just never gets old, even if it wasn't as loud last year.
  • It took us until the 2nd period to get a power play chance and it was just -- awful. Come to think of it, that whole period was just -- AWFUL.
  • Voynov makes some absolutely beautiful passes. I hate it when he makes one and the play gets broken so it's wasted.
  • One of my favorite moments tonight was watching Mike Richards do a belly slide half the length of the ice. I wasn't quick enough to catch the slide, but I caught the collateral damage.
  • Another sell out! YAY! No more home games until NOVEMBER...boo.
That's right Kings fans. The boys are on the road until November 3rd, when they take on the Edmonton Oilers. Ah, the return of Ryan Smyth! THAT should be entertaining. Until then, let's hope for better fortunes on the road, starting Thursday in Dallas. Maybe we'll even see Drew Doughty back on the ice.


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