Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kings vs Yotes: Quick Leaves The Yotes Howling

While the Kings were playing back East last weekend, I made a trip to Phoenix to see the Coyotes take on the Winnipeg Jets. The trip was a favor to the boyfriend who is a Yotes fan. Yeah, I know. I'm working on him. But it also gave me a chance to scout the Coyotes, who have been perpetual pests for the Kings over the last handful of seasons no matter how good or bad either team has been.

The Coyotes played an uptempo but very controlled game against the Jets, and I spent most of the game thinking they're going to be tough competition for The Kings once again this season. I also noticed the Yotes mascot Howler gets a special intro on the Jumbotron during pre-game. Bailey needs to get his deal with the Kings renegotiated.

When it was finally time for the Kings and Coyotes to face each other for the the first time this season, I expected a hard battle. Au contraire, my friends! The Kings handled the challenge beautifully en route to a  2-0 win! Seriously, could this team be any better right now? Scoring coming from everywhere! Still perfect on the PK! Goaltending magic! OK, so maybe we still can tighten up in  a few area, and yes it's still early in the season (my new mantra) but there is a LOT to be happy about right now, Kings fans!

Here are The Queen's quick hits on the game:

  • The Coyotes motto this season is "Hockey The Hard Way." For the only team in the league still without an owner, it seems especially appropriate.
  • My first hockey boyfriend Patrick O'Sullivan plays for the Coyotes now-- sort of. He seems to be their favorite healthy scratch. I still think he's adorable. Hopefully they'll find a way to use him this season. I might even pull out my old O'Sullivan jersey once.
  • Shane Doan has been a King killer as long as I've been a Kings fan, but we kept him off the score sheet tonight. That's kind of a HUGE deal since his next goal will be his 300th NHL career tally. I'd prefer he score it against another team.
  • Westy had a HUGE night, and he needed it. Terry Murray as been clear that more playing time only comes with being better on the ice, and feeding The Big Red Dog and letting him bury a goal will get him more ice time.
  • Speaking of The Big Red Dog, is there anything more fun to watch than the smile on Cliffy's face when he scores? I think not.
  • The Coyotes howling goal horn is the most obnoxious thing on Earth, so it was nice NOT to hear at. At all. 
  • Jonathan Quick. 100 career wins. 16 shut-outs. Second shut-out of the season so far. Best save percentage IN THE NHL. Quickie now holds the Kings record as the goaltender who reached 100 wins the fastest. He became the first Kings goalie to turn in back-to-back shutouts since Mathieu Garon on April 1-3, 2006. He is BADASS.

The Kings are back home Saturday to take on the Dallas Stars. Be there and be LOUD! We're on a roll!


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