Monday, October 17, 2011

Things That Will Be Different At This Year's Home Opener

Change can be good, right? At least I hope you think so, because things will look a little different at the Kings Home Opener tomorrow than in previous years. With less than 24 hours left until the puck drops, here's a look at what to expect at Staples Center tomorrow as the Kings take on the St. Louis Blues.
Black Is The New Purple

The famous player arrivals carpet is now black. It will probably look cool, but man will it be a bitch to keep clean. And whoever is wearing brown shoes will stick out like a sore thumb. Although if Matt Greene wears his white shoes that would be hilarious.

Pre-Game Food

Last year we got really awesome hockey themed cupcakes courtesy of Food Network's "Cupcake Wars!" This year we have a pizza eating contest sponsored by Pizza Hut. Unless those pizzas are in the shape of hockey sticks, I'm gonna be disappointed.


 The Queen's trademark purple sparkly nails are gone, replaced with these! Crackle polish rocks!

Missing Roster Cards

 Yeah, I know we didn't have them last season. And no, I still haven't gotten over it.

The New Guys
Richards, Gagne, Moreau, Hunter and Voynov (find photos) have never experienced the glorious noise of a packed house at Staples (and no, pre-season doesn't count). Let's rock their faces off, Kings fans!

This Guy

He's never watched the home opener from the press box before. Something tells me he won't like it even though the drinks are free...

Player arrivals start at 4 PM on the black carpet, so get to Staples early tomorrow. And most of all -- be prepared to be LOUD and PROUD!


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