Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kings vs. Avs: Buried By Penalties

Three games in four nights is a tough workload for any NHL team.  Playing back to back weekend games on the road makes it that much tougher. Losing both back to back games by ONE goal against two conference opponents in downright brutal.

I know Brownie. It sucks for us too.

Welcome to the Kings world.

Credit Colorado a ton for controlling the tempo of the game and wearing us out a little. Also credit them for showing why their power play is currently tops in the NHL. Blame the Kings for lack of defensive discipline and penalties that ultimately cost us the game.

Terry Murray talks often in post-game and post-practice interviews about "shot mentality." I think the discussion needs to shift to "finishing mentality." We shot plenty tonight, but just couldn't convert shots into goals. The Kings had 32 shots on goal. The Avalanche had 16. We scored 2 goals, but they scored 3. That must be NHL "new math." I hate it. Apparently Terry Murray needs to learn it.

The bottom line is it's a long season and we have time to tweak things. The basic pieces are in place, but not everyone is on the same page of music yet. The Kings will get there, but they can't be complacent and think they have all the time in the world to give things in gear. Conference points are critical and the entire month of November we face all Western Conference teams. Now is the time to start to separate from the pack -- or start to dig a hole. Let's hope we can do the former and not the latter.

Some other quick thoughts:
  • I know the Kings penalty kill is good, but you're playing with fire taking two undisciplined penalties in the first 3 minutes of the game against the #1 power play in the league. Neither guy that committed penalties (that would be Parse and Penner) needs to be doing extra damage to their reputations the way they're playing so far this season.  At least Parse redeemed himself 27 seconds after the Kings gave up their first goal. We weren't so lucky on penalty kill number 3. And who's penalty were we killing on THAT goal? Scott Parse AGAIN.
  • Give us a TWO MAN advantage in the second and we can score, right? Yes, FINALLY! But can we do it again when we DESPERATELY need to tie the game in the third and send it to OT? No.
  • Speaking of the that first Colorado goal, I know our power play needs work, but giving up shorthanded goals on it is not the improvement we're looking for, guys.
  • Parse is averaging a penalty a game right now. Terry Murray will forgive lackluster goal production, but he won't forgive lack of defensive discipline. There goes your ice time, Scooter. Enjoy the view from the press box.
  • I'm still puzzled over the way Jack Johnson disappears when Drew Doughty is playing. I've previously gone on record and said the blue line ain't big enough for both of them, and you KNOW who The Queen believes belongs. Feel free to revive that discussion now.
  • Words that scare the hell out of me -- "Justin Williams looks like he's favoring his right leg." Hopefully we don't get a "missed practice today, but may be a maintenance day" that turns into a dreaded lower or middle body injury. We already have one of those. At least Williams stayed on the ice through the entire game.
  • Speaking of middle body injuries, when is Gagne coming back? Looks like we need him.
Thankfully the Kings can get off the road for a few days, regroup and get a fresh start at home next Thursday against the red-hot Edmonton Oilers.  Be there and BE LOUD!


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