Sunday, March 25, 2012

LA Times Turns Its Online Back To Hockey Fans

I post a lot of links on the Kings Court Facebook page and Twitter account for two reasons. First, I like to promote great Kings hockey coverage. Second, I know not everyone has or is willing to take the time to read as much Kings coverage as I do. Going to Kings Court is a convenient place to get all the news worth reading in one step.

When I was planning Kings Court and making a list of all the hockey sites I was following, the Los Angeles Times was not on my website list. I have never been a Helene Elliott fan and the Times doesn't exactly put a ton of effort into providing hockey coverage in their printed publication. Based on the headlines (or lack thereof) during the Kings last two playoff appearances, you wouldn't think the greater Los Angeles area had ANY hockey teams, much less two.

But after thinking about it further, and looking at what more knowledgeable hockey writers and bloggers than myself were reading, I decided I should include the Los Angeles Times to provide the most thorough coverage possible to the loyal fans following my site.

Sadly, that ends now.

That's right. The Los Angeles Times has gone where many other dying print publications are going -- into the business of charging for their online coverage. While the fee is far from a Kings ransom, I refuse to give one red cent to a publication that treats hockey like an also-ran sport and would rather cover pre-season baseball or anything basketball related than give front page coverage to a hockey team playing for the most iconic trophy in sports. Especially when I can read Helene Elliott's tweets for free and have a great idea of exactly what she'll write about the Kings anyway.

Game over, mainstream media!


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  1. Agree! If they had outstanding coverage and interviews, etc. I would think twice about the charge - but they have abismal coverage on the Kings.

    Oh, and also, if I haven't before, thanks for including us in your tweets!