Tuesday, February 7, 2012

KBPP Preview: Kings vs Lightning

The "Kings of the Road" have been anything but this road trip, and they have a tough challenge against the offensively talented Tampa Bay Lightning tonight. Will a weekend of rest and watching Eli Manning show what it means to be clutch be enough to put the boys back on the win path?

Top 6 forwards, please play like this guy but with a bigger trophy....

I'm hoping so. Let's see what the rest of the KBPP had to say.


Fake Chris Kontos from The Royal Half
  • Score: 5 Lightning, Kings 2
  • Reason: Tampa Bay knows how to score goals… they just don't know how to keep them out. But since they are starting Dwayne Roloson tonight… I'm sure he totally remembers how to be a goalie again.
  • Record: 0-3

Jon Gillette from Rink Royalty 
  • Score: Kings 5, Lightning 2
  • Reason: If the Kings are as pissed off as I am, they come out flying, hitting everything that moves and crashing the net. How do you score in today's NHL? By getting shots to the net and your big ass in the face of the opposition's goalie!
  • Record: 1-2

Quisp from Jewels From the Crown

  • Score: Kings 7, Lightning 4
  • Reason: Quisp didn't give a reason, but based on his score prediction I imagine he's feeling good about the Kings chances. He must be on drugs.
  • Record: 1-2

Bobby Scribe from Surly and Scribe

  • Score: Kings 5, Lightning 3
  • Reason: One of our top 6 or Offensive D is due for a breakout game
  • Record: 1-2

Meg Jarrell from Kings Court
(That's me so you don't need no stinking link --- you're already here!)
  • Score: Kings 3, Lightning 2
  • Reason:  Two losses in a row SHOULD be enough to light a fire under the Kings, but until the roster changes I'm not expecting much in terms of goal production.
  • Record: 2-1

Hipcheck from LA Kings Road Talk Radio
  • Score: Lightning 3 Kings 2
  • Reason: Tampa is the 8th best offensive team in the league. If Carolina can put up two goals, Tampa can put up three. Tampa's GAA is the leagues worse but Kings simply can't score. I'll give the Kings 2 goals tonight but will add; if they get shut out against the Bolts, the yearly fire sale should start ASAP and see our beloved team as sellers as the NHL trade deadline approaches.
  • Record: 1-1

Paul Armbruster from Deep Inside the Kings
  • Score: Lightning 4, Kings 3
  • Reason: The Lightning give up goals, but they score a ton too. And while the Kings 'O' gets back on track, its to the detriment of key coverage at times, allowing the Bolts talented forwards to exploit a frustrated Quick.
  • Record: Record: 3-0

Matt Murray from Life In Hockeywood

  • Score:  Lightning 3, Kings 2
  • Reason: With the worst goals against in the league, the Lightning might not be able to stop teams from scoring on them. But they have nothing to fear from the worst offense in the league, which happens to belong to the Kings.
  • Record: 1-2

Got a prediction of your own? Leave it in the comments and see how you stack up against the KBPP!


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