Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kings vs. Canes: Blown Away

Kings fans, here are the facts.
  1. The season is half over. 
  2. Every game matters.
  3. Our play-off spot is by no means secure.
  4. Our penalty kill is ranked 5th in the league.
  5. Our power play is 21st.
  6. Our goal average of 2.09 is THE WORST in the NHL.
  7. We barely beat the worst team in the Western Conference on Wednesday. 
  8. We lost to the worst team in the Eastern Conference today 2-1 in regulation.
We should be worried because our players are playing like they are not aware of these facts. They should have a hard time looking at themselves in the mirror right now. If I could look at any of them, I wouldn't be able to do more than shake my head. Except for our goalies. I'd hug them both. Neither of them deserve this.

Come to think of it, the Kings fans don't deserve it either.

A few other thoughts from your Queen:
  • Lotkionov in, Voynov out. Are we only allowed one Russian in the line-up per game now?
  • Justin Williams is a former Carolina Hurricane and won a Stanley Cup with them in 2006. Cam Ward was the Canes goalie then too. Maybe that was how Williams knew to set Kopitar up for that first goal. I just wish he had remembered some other cool tricks like that during the rest of the game.
  • In one 14 minute time period, the Kings only managed two shots. It doesn't take higher math to figure out why we can't score with that kind of performance.
  • Two games in two days with a flight in between is tiring. But it's also your job as an athlete. Build a bridge and get over it.
  • I'm thinking Bernier might make an appearance on Sad Goalies tomorrow. 
  • Brad Richardson's birthday is today. Since the Kings don't play Tuesday, I'd say he has a great reason to get really drunk tonight.
Finally, some tweets from the evening that echo my frustration. I'm most shocked that Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times actually tweeted the word "Yo." She's usually so journalistic.

One tweet, however, stood head and shoulders above the rest. Sometimes the truth REALLY hurts.

Now the Kings have a couple of days to think about how to right the ship before they take on the Tampa Bay Lightning and the league's leading scorer Steven Stamkos. Maybe he'll feel sorry for us and share some shooting tips....


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  1. Hopefully the Kings will be disgusted with themselves enough tonight to beat Tampa. We usually come back after a loss, so after two we should win like 10-0 ;-)