Sunday, February 19, 2012

Line-up Changes: The Kings Crew Loses A True Original

The Kings have brought a lot of really fantastic people into my life. To a person, hey are fun, energetic, passionate, thoughtful, and steadfast. They are like family. And one of the people who has been all that and more to me is Michael Timoney.

I met Mike when he joined the Kings Crew in it's inaugural season. He has a huge smile and infectious energy, and he would always say hello to me on the concourse before every game. He shared that enthusiasm with each and every fan he met because he took his role as a Kings ambassador seriously. Being a member of the Kings Crew wasn't just a job -- it was a calling.

Mike rolled thousands of t-shirts, handled a t-shirt cannon, scraped up ice shavings, sold calendars, built surfboards, waved flags and even wore crazy costumes -- anything that would bring joy to the fans supporting his team. In return, legions of Kings fans loved him back, making him the only member of the Kings Crew ever to be honored with his own Fan Appreciation  Day.

My heart broke a little when he took a job with the Dallas Stars and left the Kings Crew. I still find myself looking for him on the concourse at every game, but as much as I miss him I'm happy he's getting a chance to advance his career. And I envy the Dallas Stars fans that are having fun with him now.

Even if he's no longer haunting the halls at Staples Center, Mike Timoney will ALWAYS be a member of MY Kings family.


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