Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kings vs Blue Jackets: Controversy

I was insanely happy when I left Staples Center last night. The Kings got a huge win, my baby Dewey got the game winning goal and was named 1st Star of the Night. And I had the game winner on video.

I don't care what they saw about you. You'll always be my #1.

Who even knew there was a game clock issue?

Not me, until I got home and started seeing tweets and blog posts. But I tuned it all out and focused on my happiness. So the clock had a little twitch -- it couldn't be THAT big of a deal, right?

Based on the reaction of the blogopshere, you'd think the Kings had played Game 2 of a Stanley Cup final and got caught with an illegally curved stick on the ice or something....

I've got lots of thoughts about everything that has been said and written on the clock subject, but that will involve a long rant which will come soon. For now, I'm just happy to have a win -- no matter how controversial -- to start the boys off on the right foot before their six game road swing back East. Was is their most stellar effort of the season? Absolutely not. But over the course of a long, grinding season it takes some sloppy wins along with the nice ones to get to the promised land. Sloppy or not, lets just hope this is the first of many more wins to come during the second half of this roller coaster season.

A few other thoughts from The Queen:
  • I love Dustin Brown, but I'm not sure who he thought his line mates were last night. Every pass he tried to make missed the mark, some by as much as a foot. Are he and the wife busy making more babies?
  • Paging Anze Kopitar and Mike Richards. Please report to the net and slap in some goals. PLEASE.
  • Justin Williams is the hardest working guy in the lineup right now -- and he has the goals to prove it. And I love that he's trying to teach the other guys his skills during warm-ups.
THIS is now you run a wrap-around, bitches!
  •  Dustin Penner had an actual highlight reel goal last night. Those are the hands we bought for $4 million a season. I'd like to see them more often.
Oh hey Pens! What's cooking?
  •  I love everything about Jonathan Quick, so he gets a photo just because. Bonus points because I caught the puck while it was still airborne.

  • Choirs singing the National Anthem are a GREAT thing. GIVE ME MORE.

Finally, no one on the KBPP (that's Kings Blogger Prediction Panel) got the game outcome and score right, but I was one of the few that came close. I predicted a 3-1 win for the Kings and we got it 3-2. Not bad for a rookie....

So now the Kings are on the road for practically FOREVER and we don't see them again until February 16. Or at least most of you don't see them until then. Yours truly will actually be attending one of the East Coast games! Bonus points if you can guess which one. STAY TUNED!


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