Friday, February 17, 2012

Kings vs Coyotes: Hair of the Dog

Dean Lombardi talked at the beginning of the season about the Kings taking the next steps in the process of learning to win. I'm pretty sure last night proved that not only has this team NOT take a step forward, they've taken two steps back. And pine after Rick Nash all you want, but we need a lot more than one band-aid -- even one that big -- to stop the bleeding.

The work was there last night. We put pucks to the next. We fought board battles. We fought with our fists. With the Kings and Coyotes, that's how the game has always been played. Even when both teams have been terrible in the past, the Kings and Coyotes crash and bang. Hell, these two teams would start a bench brawl over a plastic trophy. But seriously, who pissed in the Coyotes cornflakes before the game last night? I love physical hockey but they were a bunch of cheap shot bastards last night. When Quick skated out to center ice in the midst of the Mike Smith-Anze Kopitar pile-up, I almost thought he was gonna go full Hextal on us.

And who could blame him. This team gives him NO goal support. They're ruining what should be his first legitimate shot at a Vezina nomination. I hope AEG has a wad of cash stashed away when it's time to renegotiate his contract -- which if they're smart would be right about now. He's been the one bright spot on this team ALL SEASON LONG.

I'm guessing Quickie is praying to the Hockey Gods for some goal support...

The one thing the Kings didn't do last night is the one thing that matters -- score goals.

I wondered as I watched from my seat at Staples last night whether this team truly has the desire to win. The stakes couldn't have been much higher. A division rival. A team that has fought the Kings tooth and nail for every game in the past. A tight play-off race with less than half the regular season to go.  It was a HUGE opportunity for the Kings -- and another one missed.

I'm trying to stay optimistic, but it gets harder as each lost opportunity passes us by.

Other random thoughts from The Queen:
  • Nothing gets me going more than a good Captains fight.
  • Jordan Nolan is afraid of nothing. Sticks to the face. Elbows to the face. You name it and it happened, but the kid was a warrior out there. And he handles the puck pretty well too.  He can stay.
  • Apparently I need to re-read the NHL Rule Book. Kopi gets shoved into the goalie by another Coyote player and Kopi gets mugged for it? And he gets an interference penalty? At least Mike Smith got a roughing call.
  • Davis Drewiske was clearly fighting for a spot last night. It's only one game, but if I had to make a decision based only on that 60 minutes, I'd say he's earned one.
  • The Jumbotrom volume on the bleeding eardrum setting last night for some reason. Gotta remember to talk to Jay Flats about that.
  • Mike Richards worked his ass off last night and got nothing but a game misconduct to show for it. I wonder if the TV cameras got footage of what he said to the refs.
  • Note to SOME of my fellow fans in 116: When a player from the other team goes down, don't call him a baby, or a pussy, or anything else that implies he's faking. If that was one of our guys, you'd be part of the lynch mob to attack the opposing team. Hockey players are tough. Even if he is a Coyote, give the poor guy a break.
  • My favorite in-game moment of the night was the to the left of me in the lower bowl screaming that the refs worked for Bettman.
  • Last night was another sellout, folks. And you wonder why your season seat prices are going up?

The Kings have their next chance to right this sinking ship on Saturday against the Calgary Flames. It's also the Kings final Legends Night of the season, and thank goodness we're honoring Charlie Simmer. The guy knew how to score in his day, so we might have to suit him up after the ceremony...


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